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Intervention: la mitja marato 2018

Artistic intervention in the figure of the half marathon of Granollers, Barcelona 2018.
With ten more artists, we perform for the Granollers (Barcelona) half marathon in february 2018. Each artist performed an artistic intervention in a metal figure of two meters, that represents the logo of the event. This ten figures were exhibited at Anselm Clavé Avenue in the center of Granollers, during the half marathon and the days leading up to the race. My figure was painted exclusively with spray. Recreating symbolically the route of the half marathon painting singular buildings of the three places where the race passed. On one side there are represented "la porxada" of Granollers, the building of the Town Hall of Les Franqueses del Vallès in Corró d'Avall and the church of Sant Esteve in la Garriga. On the other side, the tower of the church of Sant Esteve in Granollers, the church Santa Maria in Llerona and the Iris tower in la Garriga (modernist building by Joaquim Raspall).

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